Three Cake-Inspired Ice Creams To Try

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Few things are better on a sunny summer day than stopping by a local artisan ice cream parlor to enjoy a cold treat. These vendors sell all sorts of sweet fare, but a traditional hand-scooped ice cream in a waffle cone is hard to beat. When you visit a specialty ice cream parlor, you'll often see a large number of flavors to try. While there's nothing wrong with choosing a classic flavor, it can be fun to experiment with tastes you haven't tried. Many ice cream vendors have a number of cake-inspired ice cream flavors, each of which can be appealing. Here are three popular choices.

Birthday Cake

Many people love the taste of birthday cake, which they often eat with a scoop of ice cream. The idea of combining these flavors into ice cream can be fun, and you'll often find birthday cake ice cream at a lot of ice cream parlors. Birthday cake ice cream is typically vanilla based and has colorful sprinkles throughout it. Some birthday cake ice cream also features swirls of vanilla icing, which adds to the richness. You'll even see varieties that have small pieces of vanilla cake, creating pleasing textural changes.

Strawberry Shortcake

Another popular cake-inspired type of ice cream that you'll often find at your local ice cream parlor is strawberry shortcake ice cream. This is another vanilla-based ice cream that contains numerous additional ingredients. Look for small pieces of strawberries, as well as strawberry syrup. You can also expect to find chunks of shortcake, which add some firmness and a gentle flavor that offers an alternative to the sweetness of the ice cream and strawberries. If you enjoy strawberry shortcake as a springtime dessert, you'll likely be excited to try this ice cream.

Carrot Cake

At some specialty ice cream parlors, you may come across carrot cake ice cream. It's not as common as the above two cake-based sweet treats but can be an appealing choice for anyone who enjoys carrot cake. This ice cream will have a dark color like carrot cake and flavor notes such as cinnamon and nutmeg. There will also be small shavings of carrot throughout it, and it can be amusing to think that you're eating an ice cream that contains a vegetable. Some of these ice creams also feature icing swirls to complete the carrot cake taste. Look for these cake-themed ice creams at your local artisan ice cream parlor. 

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14 June 2023

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