3 Ways To Use Coffee Beans In Breakfast Treats

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The smells, texture, and taste of coffee beans offer up fresh cups of coffee each morning, but there are some days when you may choose to skip the cup of coffee and go directly to the bean itself. If you purchase a product like 2-pound whole bean Colombian coffee beans, then you can find ways to infuse the coffee beans into breakfast treats.

Each treat will provide you with a nice boost of caffeine and rich coffee flavors. If you still want your coffee in the morning, then you could save the treats for a mid-day snack and enjoy an additional boost of energy.

1. Coffee Bean Bark

Create a layered treat with flavors, sweetness, and a strong coffee aftertaste. Coffee bean bark includes a bottom layer of finely chopped coffee beans, chocolate chips, and instant coffee. The instant coffee melts down with the chocolate chips and then gets mixed with the chopped beans to add some texture and crunch.

A white chocolate top layer adds some nice visual contrast and a smooth texture. The melted mix gets added to a flat pan and then chilled for several hours until it turns hard. You can break the coffee bean bark into random pieces or use a pizza cutter to slice even pieces up.

2. Coffee Cake Muffins

Create a nice muffin treat to serve up with breakfast. Find your favorite coffee cake muffin recipe and then infuse the muffins with some coffee flavors. You can brew up a cup of the coffee and mix 1/4 cup right into the muffin mix. You could place the beans in a food processor and add the finely chopped mix to the coffee crumb topping.

You could also choose both methods and add a nice punch of flavor and caffeine to each bite. Serve the muffins warm and with a glass of milk.

3. Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

Use a more simple method and transform coffee beans into a chocolate-covered coffee bean treat. Add some chocolate chips to a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for thirty seconds, stir the chocolate around, and repeat the process until the chocolate fully melts. Pour a cup of beans into the melted chocolate and stir them around until they are fully covered.

Use a fork to lift the beans up and let the excess chocolate drip down. Lay the beans out on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Let the chocolate cool for at least an hour. Enjoy the chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Try out each option to see which one you enjoy the best and add a nice little mix-up to your morning routine.

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7 September 2022

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