In Charge Of The Plans? How To Host A Great Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

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If you've been put in charge of hosting the wedding rehearsal dinner, make sure you plan an event to remember. The rehearsal dinner is the event that marks an end to all the stress and hard work that went into planning the perfect wedding. Here are four tips that will help you plan the perfect rehearsal dinner. 

Go Low-Key 

When it comes to planning the rehearsal dinner, many people opt to make it a formal event. However, if the wedding and reception are going to be formal, you might want to bring the rehearsal dinner down a notch or two. Instead of having guests attend in their best clothes, take another approach. Invite guests to show up in their casual attire, or even jeans and tee-shirts. The ability to relax and unwind during the rehearsal dinner may be exactly what everyone needs to get through the big day. 

Plan the Perfect Location

While you're planning the rehearsal dinner, don't forget to pick the perfect location. One way to choose the perfect location is to consider the couple. Gearing the wedding rehearsal around things that are special to them will make the event seem more intimate and personal. For instance, if the couple enjoys the ocean, choose a beach-front location for the rehearsal dinner. If you can't get to the beach, rent an event hall and decorate the space with beach-themed decor. 

Control the Cost

If you're trying to maintain control over the cost of the rehearsal dinner, but the guest list continues to grow, consider taking a different approach. One way to control costs is to serve soup, salad, and appetizers for the rehearsal dinner instead of a full meal. Another option would be to host a potluck dinner and have everyone bring a dish and a recipe. That way, there's plenty of good food, and the happy couple gets a nice assortment of recipes to try once they're married. 

Choose the Right Food

Finally, if you plan to serve a full-course meal for the rehearsal dinner guests, be sure to choose the right food. If you're not sure which direction to take with your menu options, talk to a caterer in your area. It's also important that you discuss menu options with the couple. They may have specific food items that they want to include on the menu. Likewise, they may have dishes that they want to avoid. Keeping the couple in the loop regarding menu choices will help ensure a successful rehearsal dinner.


5 December 2019

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