Three Secrets To Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

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Preparing food in an organized kitchen is much more of a pleasure than working in a kitchen that's in perpetual disarray -- and if you're like most busy people, your kitchen isn't nearly as organized as you'd like. Fortunately, it's possible to create and maintain a well-organized kitchen without going to too much fuss, and you'll undoubtedly find that once you get your kitchen organized, it's easy to keep it that way. The key is to find an organization scheme that works for your particular style of kitchen activity. If you tend to cook with a lot of spices, for instance, you'll want to keep those ingredients within easy access. Following are three secrets to an organized kitchen. 

1. Use a Hanging Spice Rack

A hanging spice frees up valuable cabinet space by storing spice items vertically as well as provides you with easy access to the spices that make your meals shine. You won't have to struggle to put spices back in their place after being used the way you probably do now if you're storing them in a kitchen cabinet. As an added bonus, hanging spice racks are attractive fixtures that improve the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen. 

2. Use a Hanging Pot Rack

If you're like many home cooks, you store your pots and pans in a lower cabinet somewhere near the stove -- and like most people, you probably find this an extremely difficult place to access but don't know what else to do with your pots and pans. Using a hanging pot rack will prevent you from having to struggle to reach your pots and pans when you want to use them -- they'll be conveniently overhead instead of somewhere in a dark, awkwardly placed cabinet. They'll be much easier to put away when you're finished using them as well. 

3. Use a Lazy Susan

Perhaps the secret weapon of all organized cooks is the lazy Susan. Placing these in cupboards let you access canned goods and other ingredients without having to rummage through the far reaches of one of your kitchen cabinets. You can even use a large lazy Susan to store countertop kitchen appliances such as toasters and juicers when they aren't in use. Some people also use them to store baking items such as casserole dishes, bread pans, and roasting pans. Lazy Susans are best for those items you use on a regular basis -- if you bake a lot, for instance, use them to store your baking utensils, pans, and ingredients. 

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12 March 2018

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