3 Tips For Eating Sushi For The First Time

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Perhaps your friends have invited you to a group dinner at a Japanese sushi restaurant, or a promising new romantic partner wants to take you on a sushi date. If you've never had sushi before, you may be feeling intimidated and afraid that you will embarrass yourself, but there is no reason to feel this way. Sushi is delicious and there are specific things you can do to prepare so you feel more comfortable at your first Japanese sushi restaurant:

Be Honest and Upfront

Instead of pretending to be a sushi connoisseur, try to be honest with your friends or date that this will be your first time trying sushi. This will remove a lot of your anxiety since you won't feel pressured to like something you don't, and will be expected to ask questions throughout the dinner.

Chances are, the sushi lovers you know will be thrilled to have a chance to teach you about the different types of sushi and how to order and eat it. Just approach the dinner with humor and an open mind, and things will go well.

Start with Baby Steps

If the thought of eating pieces of raw fish (sashimi) freaks you out, work your way up to this for a subsequent sushi restaurant visit and use this initial visit to try less intimidating options. Many sushi restaurants offer cooked options, including fried tempura or teriyaki chicken. There are also beginner-friendly sushi options such as vegetarian sushi rolls, often made with avocado instead of fish. Ask the sushi chef or server for beginner-friendly suggestions. These will let you experience sushi while eating things that are more familiar to your palate.

Don't Be Afraid of the Condiments

Sushi typically comes with a small amount of soy sauce, fresh ginger, and wasabi as condiments. Experiment with adding these to your bites of sushi in different ways until you find your favorite flavor combinations. Typically, the ginger (the thin slices of pink stuff on your plate) are used as a palate cleanser in between types of sushi.

You can grab your sushi with your chopsticks (this may take practice) and then dip it into a small amount of soy sauce for salty flavor. If you like spicy food, add a tiny bit of wasabi as well. Wasabi has a lot of heat and a very strong flavor, so start off small.

By following these tips and keeping an open mind, you will get to enjoy your first time at a Japanese sushi restaurant without worry.


7 November 2017

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