5 Reasons To Choose Indian Cuisine For Your Wedding Even If You Have No Indian Heritage

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There's a rich tradition of special dishes prepared for Hindu wedding ceremonies, but most caterers and Indian food restaurants are happy to make these dishes for weddings of any kind. Many people think that they must choose a cuisine that ties into their personal heritage for a wedding. However, choosing something a little more unusual, such as Indian food, is a great way to make your big day more memorable. These five reasons will convince you to at least give Indian food a consideration for your wedding menu.

The Richest Dishes

If you and your family already love Indian food, you may still have never sampled some of the best dishes available from this cuisine because they're reserved for major events like weddings. While some of the dishes once considered classic wedding food are now available on many menus, such as rogan josh and tandoori chicken, other dishes are rarely served at restaurants without a special order because of the ingredients required and the amount of work that goes into the cooking. Paying for a full menu of Indian wedding dishes gives you a chance to try the very best and richest dishes from across the subcontinent.

The Sheer Variety

Many couples trying to plan a modern and non-traditional wedding find the sample menus provided by your usual caterers quite predictable and boring. But working with a caterer to create a custom menu with dozens of different and unexpected dishes can take up more time than you have when you're already dealing with invitations, equipment rentals, and more. Since there's so many different dishes and styles of Indian cooking, it's easy to mix and match a variety of dishes while maintaining a clear theme and simplifying your order so it can all come from the same source.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Few types of cuisine in the world offer as many diverse options for meat-free dining as Indian food. Even dishes based primarily on meats are usually just as easy to find with potato, chunks of firm cheese, or other vegetables like eggplant in place of the meat. Classic vegetarian dishes like aloo puri and masala dosa are often garnished with or cooked in ghee, a clarified form of butter that acts more like oil, so make sure you make it clear if you want any dishes to fit the needs of your vegan guests. If you need to serve a crowd with different diets and allergies, the variety of Indian dishes makes that a lot easier.

The Desserts

Sweets and desserts are considered by many to be an absolute requirement for weddings, but you don't want to take the focus away from your beautiful wedding cake either. Since the majority of Indian desserts are small finger foods, there's no chance of them overshadowing the cake or filling up your guests so they can't enjoy a piece of the cake. You may even decide to try a cake based around the flavors and textures of Indian desserts. For example, mango kulfi is an Indian version of ice cream that can be used as a filling or topping for a cake with a few changes.

The Unique Factor

Finally, choosing foods that are out of the ordinary for American weddings is one of the easiest ways to make your nuptials stand out. If it's important to you to create a unique event for everyone to enjoy, thinking outside the box starts with the menu for the wedding. The poached chicken and baked salmon dishes usually chosen for wedding menus are anything but exciting, especially when you compare them to the rich spices and bright colors of Indian cuisine.

If you've ever had Indian food at a place like Deccan Spice, you know just how delicious it can be. Consider having Indian food at your wedding. 


31 October 2017

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