When Regular Wine Won't Do: Sweet, Sparkling, And Ice


If you are a big fan of wine, then you might be interested in trying some unique variations that are not as popular as your traditional white and red varieties. While there is nothing wrong with a great bottle of Merlot or chardonnay, it can be interesting to sometimes have a spin on the classic white or red wine. So, if you are a wine connoisseur, or even if you're just curious about how to go about branching out and trying new wines, you should definitely sample wines in the sweet, sparking, and ice variations. Here's some quick info to help you get started:

Sweet Wines: Sauterne

If your only experience with sweet wine was a taste of Port or perhaps a super sweet sangria, then you should try Sauterne wine. This is a really delicate and beautiful sweet wine from France. It has a golden color, and a sweet, but not saccharine, flavor. It's renowned around the world for its complexity and intensity. This is something that you would love to have after dinner, or perhaps when sitting and listening to soft music. It's a slow sipping wine and is best served a bit chilled. Also, you should serve it in a large glass, not a tiny one as you might often see with other fortified wines. The larger glass will help capture and enhance the aromas that float around the wine glass. It's really an elegant and wonderful drink to serve.


Most people think of champagne when they think of sparkling wine, but you should not rule out Prosecco. This is a really cool and fun sparkling wine from Italy. It's one of the more interesting wines in that it's similar to champagne, but not as indulgent and expensive. Prosecco also tends to be both a bit sweeter, and a bit more fruity. So, if you were one of those people who not only didn't like champagne because it was so expensive, but because it was a bit dry, then you should try Prosecco.You can serve this for brunch, with or without orange juice, and it will be amazing.

Ice Wine

One of the coolest and most popular trends in the wine community is ice wine. The name is interesting because it makes you think that the wine is frozen or brought to a low temperature, when in fact it is the grapes that are at issue, not the final wine. Ice wine is made from grapes that have been dropped to a really low temperature. This low temperature causes the grapes to have less moisture, and therefore, the sugar and alcohol tend to be higher. The resulting wine is not served at a different temperature than regular wine, it just has a more intense flavor palate and higher alcohol.


30 October 2017

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